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Roasted Vegetables on Toast

Have you ever been sitting at your work desk, staring at your $14 Sweetgreen salad and distinctly felt as though you heard your credit card sigh? Or perhaps you’re less tempted by the to-go counter and manage to brown-bag it, only to be overwhelmed with despair as you crunch on damp baby carrots (why are they always damp?!) and mini packages of hummus, or relive your elementary school years with a Wonder Bread PB&J. Or sadder still, you find yourself with one hand on the computer and the other in a family-sized bag of pita chips at 3:45, stomach growling for all to hear, because you’ve once again just not had time to eat. I propose an end to this (and an echo to the the #notsaddesklunch movement) in the form of toast and roasted vegetables.

The veggie spread takes all of an hour to create, as many days ahead as you choose. And did you know that toast CAN in fact be reheated to its original crunchy state? Head over to Food52 to check out my article!