officially a .com!

Exciting news! I’ve decided finally to stop being cheap and spring for the domain name. This is now! Really, there’s no change other than the fact that I’m now officially the only person who can possess the Spices and Spatulas name! Of course, you can still get here from, you’ll just be redirected to this site. Hopefully there will be no internet glitches and this will be a smooth transition. Now, I’m off to the kitchen; I only have two more precious days until I’m back to the world of toaster ovens and microwaves..






I’m Becca. I like to cook. I started Spices and Spatulas in May 2012 as a cooking blog with a 50s/60s Donna Reed Show-type theme, accompanying recipes with a history lesson and clips from vintage commercials. It was fun, but it got old fast. My love of food goes far beyond retro cuisine, and having the “it must be retro, that’s not retro you can’t blog about it why bother making it, it must be retro” mantra running through my head I realized it wasn’t going to last. Also I was eating a lot of mayonnaise. So Spices and Spatulas is now home for all kinds of food and drinks, as well as my ramblings. Thanks for stopping by!



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