lately // october 2015

I’ll admit it– I didn’t carve a pumpkin this year. Or last year. Or..the year before that…oops? I did, however, do a lot of other autumny things this October. Also, check out things I wrote on other corners of the internet: talking about Superfoods on Freja Daily; Mandelbrot vs. Biscotti on the Nosher; my latest restaurant review of Ani Ramen on the Montclair Dispatch

I wanted pie at 10 pm but had no crust, so I made this and it was perfect // I’ve been riding the train a lot recently and I think the meadowlands are getting prettier // Hi my name is Becca and I am a cookbookaholic // practicing the opposite of life hacks with homemade puff pastry for The Kitchn Baking School // I covered the Amanti Vino Cru vs. Brew event for the Montclair Dispatch // fall is so spooky and I love it // pro tip: it’s really fun to wrap oneself in a giant blanket and drink wine and eat bread outside in 40-degree weather // listening to some real pros talk food, career choices, and morning habits at NYCWFF // later that day, making bitters with Hella Bitters (anyone want to come over for a drink?)// I like eating steel cut oats even though they take approximately 30 years to cook // I love Halloween