Floral Bun Wraps

Time for another DIY project involving fake flowers and wire. It’s just so fun! Bun wraps are a less in-your-face version of the flower crown I shared a while back. You can make them with any kind of fake flower that floats your boat. And they’re so simple- really you only need wire and flowers! Plus, once I got a wire-twisting system down, it took me all of ten minutes to put together a bun wrap from start to finish. Start now and give them as gifts (or keep a million for yourself). They instantly make a casual outfit more put together or add a little fun to a dressy outfit. Have fun with flowers- it’s spring!


– Fake flowers (about 5-8, depending on how large they are)

– Floral wire

– Wire cutters

– Floral tape (optional, for smoothing out unruly bits of wire)

– Pliers (optional, for grasping wire while attaching flowers)


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.20.42 PMMeasure 10-12 inches of wire. Double the wire and wrap the two strands around each other until you get two loops at both ends (as you can see from the picture, the first time I made one I tripled the wire- I then discovered that’s mostly unnecessary)Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.21.20 PMWhen you’ve twisted all the wire around, leave a little loop on both ends and secure with floral tape if you’re feeling wary about pointy pieces of wire.Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.22.09 PMYour wrap should now look like the picture on the left. Cut your flowers as close as you can to the edge without breaking them (I discovered this varies according to different kinds of fake flowers- some need a bit of stem or they fall apart, others can be cut almost up to the very edge, don’t be afraid to play around!)Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.22.57 PMAttach the flowers to the wire base by wrapping pieces of wire (2-3 inches) first around the flower stem a few times, then around the base. Use the pliers to get a tight grip on the wire without destroying your nails! Repeat until you’ve made it all the way around the base. Ta da!

Meet the lovely Kelsey- my model for my first bun wrap. I love how she styled it with a casual bun, it looks like the flowers are just naturally in her hair. Scroll down for my styling of a different wrap with a more structured bun!

10001324_10152056448720886_391001432_nProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_4190



fifty nine

DIY Glittery Sunglasses Restyle

I love sunglasses. I’m usually guilty of taking advantage of those “2 for $20” or “buy one get one 1/3 price” or “get 3 here for the price of 1 really expensive pair elsewhere”, and so on and so forth deals. So naturally, I wind up with a lot of cheap pieces of plastic eyewear that, once I’ve worn obsessively for three straight weeks, usually end up abandoned in the bottom of my purse. Very sad. And no sunglasses should have to live that way! So I’ve come up with a little project that gives new life to old “sunnies”, which is what they’re apparently known as in the blogosphere. This also makes for a great gift or party favor, whether you’re on a budget or not!


– 1 pair of sunglasses in need of some love (I’m pretty sure I got these cat-eye ones free from a giveaway on the streets of New York because I thought they were kinda cute, and then of course promptly forgot about them for two years)

– glitter (any color you want, but I think gold/silver/white/black tend to be classiest)

– Elmer’s glue

Triple Thick Glaze (You can use another coat of Elmer’s in place of this, but I really recommend the glaze for a professional look)


Using a small paintbrush, cover the portion of the sunglasses you’ll be glittering with glue.vsco_1-1

Spoon or pour glitter over the glasses, making sure all areas with glue have been covered. Shake off excess glitter as best as you can. Look for any spots that need more glitter or glue and repeat the process if necessary.


Here comes my favorite part: once you’ve shaken off as much extra glitter as you can, let the glasses dry for about 5 minutes. Then, using a standard vacuum with no attachments suck up any stubborn pieces of extra glitter. This was SO FUN. (I almost didn’t think this would work and that I was going to ruin the glasses but it WORKS. Watch the video if you think I’m lying!) Also it’s really cute how I don’t smile and generally look very serious and scary in this video..

Apply the glaze with a paintbrush in a well ventilated room or outside! This stuff smells BAD. And it will make your room smell BAD. For DAYS. It’s like nail polish on steroids. I learned the hard way. Apply two or three coats; the more you apply, the more smooth any shiny your glasses will look!vsco_3

Let your new shades dry overnight, then wear them somewhere only super cool people go (or in my case, the grocery store!!)

vsco_3 vsco_4-1vsco_2-1 vsco_1-1   vsco_0-1


forty four

Flower Crown

So, who’s noticed the floral crown craze among the flower-power dressed 20-somethings at music festivals, trendy brunch spots and hipster bars lately? I have! Some people think they’re over the top, buuuuut I think they’re pretty cute. And instead of spending $35 on one at a store I decided I’d make one! This is inspired by the author of the blog K is for Kani, she makes beautiful crowns herself, mine is created similarly to hers. Enjoy!


– cheap headband

– floral wire or hot glue

– floral tape

– pliers

– wire cutter

– silk flowers

Using the floral tape, mark off how far down you want the flowers to go. Next, cut off a flower, leaving a bit of the stem still connected. If you’re using wire, cut a piece of wire (a few inches long) and using the pliers wrap the wire around the stem and then wrap it around the headband. Repeat this process with every flower. If you’re using hot glue, cut off a flower leaving no step, place a dot of glue on the headband and then stick the flower on and repeat. If there are any pointy bits of wire sticking out, bend them as best you can with the pliers and then wrap some floral tape around it. (No pictures of this step, sorry! I used wire). Whichever method you use, your fingers are gonna get a little wear and tear. I recommend not having freshly manicured fingers (if you’re like me and get a little OCD when your nails chip). And ta da! So pretty!



forty two

Restyle/Repair: Clogs

I recently (several months ago) found a pair of adorable and yet rather disheveled pair of clogs. Now, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed how freaking awesome clogs are, not to mention hip and trendy, but they ARE. Having enough money to buy these is all I’ve been dreaming about lately. They seem to go with everything, seriously. They’re functional. They’re not stilettos, but still rad heels. Ifjosidhfaudaoushdoaisdjpisd. Yes. So although the clogs I came across are not the ones I’ve been lusting after, they do look just like these, made by the same company. So while I’m pinching pennies (1795 SEK to be exact…quick, how many pennies is that??) a repaired shoe will have to do.

The leather on the ones I found was a beautiful color, but really worn out and covered with scratches. Usually I’m a fan of the “lived in” look, but it was just a little too much here, which was a shame. But it also meant I got to buy spray paint, which is my favorite. It makes me feel like a rebel. The wooden soles were also covered in scratches, not so cute. Here’s what I did:

vsco_0Using some super cheap sandpaper, I buffed all around the edges and inside of the wooden parts of the shoe until it was smooth. I ended up with a beautiful light color. If I end up not liking it, I may paint them with a darker wood stain.

photo 1vsco_1Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.50.47 PMvsco_1-1 I then covered every inch of the shoe that wasn’t leather with painter’s tape and used weatherproof craft paint in a rad copper color to refresh the tired leather. 

vsco_2-1Once the paint dried I lined the inside of the shoes with insoles. Not only does this take care of the drab looking insides, it also fixes the whole walking-on-wooden-shoes-with-no-support-thing. (Seriously, have you ever spent a few hours with wooden blocks strapped to your feet? This is a similar sensation).

And bam, they were done!

photo 2 photo 3