Published Clips

I write about food for other places as a freelancer and staff member. This is just a sample, see my portfolio for lots more:

Freelance Writing
Food52 | A Snozzcumber Salad, for BFGs and All Fans of Roald Dahl
Food52 | How to Make Olive Oil Tortas at Home & Flavor However You’d Like
Food52 | Why Roasted Vegetables on Toast Are the New Sandwich Lunch
Food52 | Name the Artwork: A Pop Quiz in Famous Food Paintings

The Nosher | Bazargan
The Nosher | Manischewitz Pasta
The Nosher | Thanksgiving Tzimmes
The Nosher | Olive Oil, Almond and Candied Ginger Mandelbrot

Freja Daily | Healthy And Quick Lunch Recipe For Those Lazy Days
Freja Daily | 5 Superfoods To Always Have In The Kitchen

Staff Writing
Currently: Assistant Food Editor at Greatist
Some favorites:
The 10 Commandments of Hosting a Fun (and Super-Chill) Friendsgiving
The Secret to Hosting a Dinner Party That Won’t Turn You Into a Stress Case
How to Make the Greatist Ice Cream Sundae of All Time
3 Fall Cocktails That Will Make Rosé a Distant Memory
How to Stock a Bar Cart (and Drink) on a Budget

Tasting Table | Stir Mix-a-Lot
Tasting Table | Artist’s Palate
Tasting Table | I Know What You Cooked Last Summer
Tasting Table | Bon Aperture
Tasting Table | Under(fed) Grad
Tasting Table | Aquafaba-lous
Tasting Table | Pharm to Table

POPSUGAR | Quinoatmeal: Hard to Say, Amazing to Eat
POPSUGAR | Matcha Hi-Hat Cupcakes Will Instantly Improve Your Mood
POPSUGAR | How to Make Homemade Cocktail Bitters + Low-Intensity Bitters Cocktail
POPSUGAR | No Gluten Needed For These Oat-Based Blender Pancakes
POPSUGAR | We Bet You Already Have the 5 Ingredients For These Sweet Potato Tots
POPSUGAR | Try This Ravioli Hack for Valentine’s Day (Roasted Beet Ravioli)

The Montclair Dispatch | Villalobos: Tacos and More
The Montclair Dispatch | Cru Reigns Supreme
The Montclair Dispatch | Ani Ramen: Polite to Slurp
The Montclair Dispatch | Le Salbuen: European Cuisine
The Montclair Dispatch | The Corner: More than Good Coffee
The Montclair Dispatch | MishMish: A Mediterranean Kitchen

I’m currently accepting clients for freelance and contract-based recipe development, cookbook and restaurant reviews, and editorial/creative nonfiction food writing. I am also willing to participate in product partnerships for brands and products I feel align with my personal views. Please email me at spicesandspatulas (at) for more information or just to chat!



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