Who writes Spices and Spatulas?
I’m Becca, a Smith College grad. I studied Costume/Scenic Design and Art History, but mostly I just like to bake things involving chocolate and write about food. I’d be lying if I said I don’t refer to cooking as my emotional homework on a fairly regular basis. It makes my friends smile uncomfortably genuinely. 

Why did you make a blog?
I’m a major procrastinator, and once I started college I found that I was using cooking as a method of putting off my homework. Then I started to feel guilty about cooking so much. I realized that was no way to feel about something I love. Thus the blog came to be. Mostly I use this space to house the many recipes and photos of food I create in my spare time.

Can I feature one of your photos in a recipe roundup I’m writing?
Sure! You may feature one image per roundup with links back to my site, but please do not reprint a recipe. If you’d like to feature more images or reprint a recipe, please email me at spicesandspatulas [at] yahoo.com

Who takes photos for your blog and what kind of camera do you use?
The photos featured on this blog were all taken by me (unless otherwise indicated) with an iPhone 4 or 6, or a Nikon D3000.

Do you create your own recipes?
Yes, spend a lot of time in recipe development and adaptation in addition to recreating recipes from cookbooks to accompany reviews in partnership with Blogging for Books

Does Spices and Spatulas have sponsors?
As of right now, Spices and Spatulas has no sponsors (bummer!) Any ads you may see on this blog are not associated with me or my blog—Wordpress just runs them sometimes to keep free things free. Please let me know if anything inappropriate pops up!

Can I follow you in other places on the internet?
Sure! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin‘ (and Flickr, because that’s still a thing too!) I edit the Meatless Monday and Overnight Oats feeds on FeedFeed. Follow me professionally on LinkedIn.


Photos featured on Spices and Spatulas are the property of Rebecca Firkser. Content is exclusive to spicesandspatulas.com and may not be reprinted elsewhere (without permission.)

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