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Assorted Recipes from a Brinner Party

When it was still a billion degrees out, my friends joined together to eat a lot of food. Brinner food, to be specific. It was the¬†third¬†food party we had this summer, and they just kept getting better. So¬†many of my favorite people were in one backyard and it honestly was¬†hard to keep up. One of […]

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No-Bake Seedy Mocha Coconut¬†Slice (V, GF) First post back in my trusty Jersey kitchen! I’ve missed it so. The weirdly yellow speckled floors. The full-sized food processor. THE DISHWASHER. I can’t even describe how many times in the past few days I’ve started washing things¬†by hand and then remembered I can just toss it in […]



a month in photos and numbers and food 12//different kinds of holiday cookies emerged from my kitchen (involving these bad boys, obviously. And these too. And several others that were devoured too quickly to be photographed) 2//times I wore my fancy new running shoes before falling and hurting my foot. Perhaps I need a more […]