lately // november 2015

This is the time for going on long walks outside. Taking a deep breath fills my lungs not with frigid icy air nor that thick summer stuff that makes me want to run screaming back to air conditioning.

This is the time for drinking wine or coffee while wrapped in a blanket.

This is the time for trying not to yell at the store manager of literally every establishment for playing Christmas music at top volume. I mean SRSLY.

This is the time for realizing that if you hate treadmills and like running after 5pm you should probably get a reflective vest or a headlamp so you stay safe from squinty drivers and uneven sidewalks. And by ‘you,’ I mean me.

This is the time for figuring out how to make matcha lattes at home because they’re just so darn green and frothy.

This is the time for realizing how much happier I am now than I was last year at this time, even if you couldn’t tell from blog posts.

This is the time for deciding that I can be as honest as I want in this space, and for giving a big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if reading anything particularly full of feelings makes you uncomfortable. I’ll admit that said honesty will be squished between pictures of cake, so you can go ‘head and just scroll around to those if you’d prefer.

This is the time for being thankful that after going on a million –okay, seven..eight?– interviews, I finally landed a pretty rad intern position and am a commuter now wooOOOOooOoOOo nj transit.

This is the time for making cookies on Saturday mornings in PJs, and eating said cookies for breakfast.

put carrot juice in homemade applesauce and you will NOT be disappointed // the aftermath of what I think was the most food ever served at a birthday bash but you only turn 23 and 24 once so all the stops were pulled out ~THX~ to all you people who like Ben and I enough to make food and bring it to a party // the Firkser dining room drink cart is starting to look so nice that I almost feel guilty drinking things from it. Almost // my first pecan pie tasted pretty good, and even if the crust shrank, no one noticed because they were too busy staring at my new pie box AKA the best birthday gift e v e r // just a little self promotion again read my Food52 article pls and thank you // this is not the view from my desk, but it is a view from my new office // more self promotion, this time on The Nosher: I strongly recommend you make this in the coming months, tzimmes is warm and sweet and roasty, which are essentially the only adjectives I want to find connected with my winter food // this is an egg fried INSIDE A BAGEL // moon + twinkly lights = all the happy feels //spaghetti pie spaghetti pie spaghetti pie spaghetti pie spaghetti pie spaghetti pie


2 thoughts on “lately // november 2015

  1. Hi, Becca! This is Julie, your Food52 swap partner. I think your package came a day or two ago but I just got it. Wow, what a great treat! i wanted to take a picture of the package for the Food52 instagram, and nonetheless my husband could not resist grabbing a bite from a Hiddles Darling cookie. (I think it makes the picture even cuter, actually!) Incidentally, when I read your note aloud to Neil, I thought I could not read your writing, because I thought it said “Hiddles Darling. cookies.” But so it was, and I have learned something new and lovely today. I am also excited to try the chocolate bark and the lemon salt, Thanks so much for brightening our holidays! Julie

    • Julie! SO glad the package made it safely to you. Aren’t those cookies the BEST?! After making your batch they looked so good I had no choice but to make another, and I honestly cannot stop munching. Let me know what you think of the salt– and if you discover any new and exciting ways to use it! (I sprinkled it on top of babka yesterday morning 🙂 ). My very best to you this holiday season, and here’s to many more successful f52 swaps! xo

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