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Olive Oil, Almond and Candied Ginger Mandelbrot

I am a pizza bagel.

Maybe you’ve heard me say this before? I can’t remember how or when or where I was introduced to this term for those with Italian and Jewish roots, but I love it. I love it even more because the two places I’ve called home for the longest amount of time are New Jersey and New York; if you know anything about these spots, you KNOW they take their pizza and bagels seriously. And with good reason. The bagels I found in my dining hall in Massachusetts were slightly chewier pieces of white bread that crumbled at the merest smear of cold cream cheese or butter. I’ve had that deep-dish thing everyone in Chicago is so obsessed with, and while it was good, (how can dough + sauce + cheese not be??) it wasn’t *pizza* as I know and love it.

You get the gist. So when I was developing a recipe for The Nosher, a blog that focuses on Jewish food, I knew I wanted to make a snack –dare I say, a nosh,– that highlights both the pizza and the bagel sides of my family. And that led to Olive Oil Mandelbrot (also known as Mandel bread. Also also known as biscotti.) Check out the article and recipe here!


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