lately // september 2015

Happy start of fall! I wish everyone birkenstocks + socks, mulled wine, fresh figs, and fisherman sweaters in the coming month~

these perfect colors at the Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life exhibition at the Bronx Botanical Garden // shanah tovah and such for everyone out there who celebrated Rosh Hashanah (stay tuned for the SLAMMIN French toast recipe I made with the leftover challah) // my best gal since ’92 Sarah came to Jersey and all the brunch was eaten. // One-pan pasta is all I plan to eat this winter, just fyi // getting rustic with air-dried herbs // fries dipped in mussel broth in between sips of rosé DEAR SUMMER PLS DON’T LEAVE ME // rustic life pt. 2 with a gingery plum galette (or is it a crostata?)..recipe coming soon // enjoying the rain and these bad boys from under a blanket in my pjs, jealous??


2 thoughts on “lately // september 2015

    • I’ve been using up my challah by making it one slice at a time every other morning :). As for one-pan pasta, I used easily 1/2 cup less liquid than the recipe calls for, plus I used half white wine/half water. Try that next time and see how it goes! There’s nothing sadder than mushy pasta….but don’t worry, you got this! xo

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