lately//august 2015

The days are getting shorter, the stores are starting to put out orange displays. It’s getting real. Summer will not in fact last forever. But I’m refusing to think about it by continuing to look at pictures of all the festive warm-weather things I’ve done recently.

Let’s see what other parts of the blogosphere are doing in this final lazy hazy crazy days of summer. (Bonus points if anyone gets this reference!)

Grapefruit + mint-grape cooler with crushed mint on Dolly and Oatmeal

Pickled vegetables and Denmark and figs (oh my!) from Renée Kemps

Praise the end of summer corn with spelt berries and seared tofu on Faring Well

Watermelon Tomato Mentsuyu Salad from Le Jus D’Orange

The prettiest picnic and potato salad at Green Kitchen Stories

Straight-Up Peach Pie from Apt. 2B Baking Co. because we really don’t need anything more than that.


this one-ingredient ice cream is b-a-n-a-n-a-s // remember my Tahini Date Shake? It was voted a Community Pick on Food52 hooraaay! // the most gourmet lunch (note the illicit beers,) enjoyed beachside // post-run breakfast cookies and plants, summer is pretty chill // finished all the rosé whilst crashing my parents’ date night at a hip mtc spot heyo // drank for free and got to chat with the curators of the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition at the Met rooftop bar, and by chat I mean I basically did this all night. I’m so good at networking!!! // if you can, go see this show. Don’t let the glitterati’s questionable interpretation of Chinese fashion deter you // Really though // Asbury Park killin it, even when like eight seconds after I took this picture it started to sun-rain // drinking beers on a roof and sharing a pretzel that tastes like butter with someone I like was not too shabby, just fyi // Superiority Burger is aptly named // VERY aptly named // changing up my nightly glass of bourbon by smashing up a bunch a figs and honey and boyyyy was it worth it


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