Welcome to the July lately post! But wait, isn’t it August? Like, well into August? Why yes, yes, it is. But this is still happening because July was a still a month that happened and I have pictures to share. I’ll be better with this month’s, I promise. So you enjoy these while I go make cookies (or blondies???) and then eat brunch at a new hip and trendy spot in town and THEN drink a lot of beer at an end-of-summer barbeque because this is apparently beer weekend (and I am not mad about it.) Happy Sunday~


drinking all the bourbon cocktails at Maysville // brunching until I can brunch no more // being a professional (aka bugging the shit out of my guests) at aforementioned brunch // Nitro coffee making the fashion camp day zoOOooOOOOooom on by // my parents have started referring to my pre-dinner food photography as what we do instead of saying grace and I think they’re making fun of me // took apart a computer at art camp, sliced myself, and then got a tetanus shot, my life is g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s // fashion show, fashion show, fashion show // celebrating Negroni Wednesday because I have decided it is a thing (this actually happened in August but I won’t tell if you won’t!!)


4 thoughts on “lately//july

  1. Hi Becca! I love your style and your spunk! The photo of you where you’re snapping the overhead shot is too funny because it’s so real:) And a tetanus shot? ouch!!

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