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a weekend in the catskills

I spent a truly rad Fourth of July weekend (man, does that feel like ages ago to anyone else??) in the Catskills at my friend Sarah’s house. I used to go up all the time when I was younger, but I hadn’t been in years, so this was such a treat! There’s no cell service in most of the area, but you barely miss it. Honestly we probably wouldn’t have had a lot of really great conversations were we just constantly checking Snapchat. Mostly we spent the entire time eating or planning what we would eat next, which is pretty much a dream come true for me. On our first day we got there just in time to hang out in the warm sun at Little Pond for a few hours, which brought back all the memories of being 7 years old and trying to canoe. Later, we made my take on Deb‘s shakshuka for dinner. It’s one of my favorite on-vacation-but-still-cooking-for-oneself meals, make it yourself next time you’re in that boat! Don’t let ANYONE convince you to be grossed out by the concept of eggs poached in tomato sauce. I can assure you that they’re wrong. It’s delicious. There was also a whole darn lot of watermelon, arugula, and feta salad involved in our feast.

It was overcast and chilly for most of the Fourth, so we abandoned our plans to run and made a giant red white and blue breakfast (blueberry raspberry pancakes.) We drove to Andes for the afternoon, which is probably about ten blog posts away from becoming the next hipster getaway spot. You heard it here first, book your Airbnb’s now everybody! Andes does in fact have cell service *and wi-fi* which is good, because I dare you not to want to Instagram everything at all the adorable shops and eateries, including my personal favorites, Clementine Vintage and Two Old Tarts, where we tried on all the clothes and then devoured vegetarian chili and flatbread pizza. We then hit up Livingston Manor to go grocery shopping and to check out an art exhibit where Sarah’s mom Carol was showing some of her gorgeous ceramics. Sadly, we weren’t able to visit the Catskill Brewery because they closed early for the holiday, but let’s be real, this is just another reason to visit again! We made tacos for dinner (Sarah’s friend Lauren made some slammin’ guacamole and we sipped on amazing frozen lime drinks.) And as if we hadn’t eaten enough, we ended the day with an appropriately patriotic custard pie. A really nice weekend, and a perfect way to celebrate summer!


3 thoughts on “a weekend in the catskills

    • thanks so much Hillary! Have so much fun in the catskils, it’s beautiful there. Vintage pie tins are kinda my favorite thing ever..I found one in Vermont a while ago that has “poppin fresh pies” printed on it– how great is that? The ones in the picture were from an antique store in Andes. I hope you find some! xo -B

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