Many calendar appointments were going off on my phone this morning when I woke up. And squashed between “add more lime juice to the cabbage slaw,” and “run BEFORE 11am” there was “JULY 1 LATELY POST.” Cue all the feelings. It’s July?! How? When??!!? Summer is actually in full swing now and I’m really not sure how I feel about this. It’s zooming by! But I won’t be moving back somewhere familiar or to someplace new come September. What’s that life going to be like? We shall see, I suppose. I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned how weird I find all this in every single post for the past few months, but hey yknow what this is my blog and I’ll complain muse if I want to OKAY. And now the “srsly you better not be watching Friends instead of running rn” alarm is going off so I should probably go find my shorts. I’ve got to get out while I still can because tonight I will have a yard full of hungry friends over to eat and drink many things. And in order for that to happen successfully I actually have to cook those many things. Stay tuned for pictures of that, but in the meantime here are some fun things happening in the food blogosphere and then you can look at some pictures of that Jersey life:

Roasted blackberry and thyme ice cream got me like

I just want to be Laura Wright‘s roommate so I can eat like this all the time

Fried chicken club > book club

I love love love the zippy colors and lightning bolts and boldfaced fonts of The Sugar Hit, but I really got into the styling of this one, probably because I have a weakness for vintage things

Ashlae got married!! And from all the Instagram stalking I did, it looked so unbelievably beautiful. Can someone I know plz can married somewhere like this, I’ll make your wedding cake.

As if Molly Yeh couldn’t get any cuter, she now owns a million chicks, and they’re all named Macaroni. Too freakin presh.

happy beginning of July everyone! be sure to eat all the red white and blue foods this weekend~~

had the most photogenic (and pretty darn tasty) lunch at CHALAIT // me looking like an overheated vampire on the roof of the new Whitney museum, which looks so hip and beautiful I basically wanted to move in // 5 dozen compost cookies, made at 7 am. What do you do on the weekend?? // grilled pizza takes about six seconds to make and I rubbed roasted garlic and goat cheese all over it and Emily makes a lovely hand model, donchya think? // my dad is so into reliving his youth on this record player. But in other news, he has a reallly rad classic rock collection on vinyl // 2 gallons of pineapple salsa because it’s summer and there’s a food party happening here in t-minus 11 hours // make a Pimms Cup tonight. Even if you’ve never heard of it. They’re delicious


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