Another month, another show designed. Except this time I played not with clothes but with projections and paint rollers and ethafoam tubing (oh my!) Water by the Spoonful opens tonight and should be quite an experience. If you’re at all intrigued by free jazz, crack, and the internet you may want to come check it out this weekend or next. Honestly, I really enjoyed set designing. It was new and exciting, which are two things that sometimes fill me with all the anxiety. And to be fair, there were a few moments where the technical director would say things such as, “be sure to wear the safety goggles when disconnecting the compressed staple gun’s air hose” or “you know how to mix satin sealant, right?” and I’d be like #help. But it was actually really fun. I did not hate putting on my painty apron and my painty fashion clogs every afternoon. I kinda really liked it. If my high school self hiding in the costume shop to avoid scenic construction could only see me now (hey svpa someone tell Mr. Cleerdin I touched power tools plz!) Live and learn amiright? But really, the show is going to be great. So many talented people worked incredibly hard on this one, day and night and any spare time in between. The design and tech process is grueling and schoolwork suffers and you sometimes cry in the middle of the green room but it’s all worth it when the lights go up on opening night. Plus there’s cake afterwards.

But now that my design projects are finished, I finally get my life back (read: I will now have time during daylight hours to make/photograph food hooray!) So stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some pictures from my life because I’m sure you’re very interested.

did you know that clementines + carrots + almond milk + vanilla extract + ice + blender = liquified creamsicle? I couldn’t believe it either!// nuts and bolts from my spring 2015 prêt-à-porter line// Spiral Jetty, oatmeal edition// I’ve decided that to get $$$ in the future I’m going to start an etsy and sell the projects I make at my museum job (for example, this mobile) because even though they’re supposed to be for kids I make my samples rly fancy// breakfast should always always always be greek yogurt and cherry jam smothering a waffle, just saying.


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