lately + links//february

This has probably been one of the busiest, most stressful few months ever, but I’m excited to say that the play I designed costumes for, In the Next Room (or the vibrator play) -yes, that’s really the title-, opened over the weekend! It’s a huge show with a billion tricky onstage costume changes involving corsets and bustles and petticoats (oh my), but it’s finally finished and is truly a wonderful production. If you’re in the Northampton area this weekend you really should come! My roommate is starring in it and once you see how much work went into this you’ll understand why it’s all we can talk about/we’ve been walking around like zombies for the past three weeks..

So, obviously, I’ve been a little behind in terms of my usual cooking schedule. If you saw my fridge you actually might cry. Basically I have three onions, a carton of almond milk, some kind of berry jam, and oranges I liberated from a dining hall. Not so great. The rest of the internet world, however, is alive and well. So I think you should check these amazing links and maybe you’ll be as hungry as I am when you’re done:

All I want for breakfast is this superfood muesli with a side of diy coconut yogurt

…and maybe these waffles for dessert.

This entire youtube series omg omg omg.

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is writing a cookbook yaaassssss. To say I can’t wait is an extreme under-reaction.

Molly Yeh is making hamantaschen and I’m v jealous because the food is one of my favorite parts of the Jewish holidays and I keep missing out! Except for challah, obviously. Still really proud of that one. (Ironically enough, one of the jams she used is the very same one that makes up 25% of the groceries I currently have to my name.)

Oh MY god quinoa + whiskey (aka two of my all-time favorite things) in rolls plz let me eat these forever.

I’ve never done anything with romanesco (mostly I’ve just gotten confused because it looks like a barnacle got lost in the veggie aisle of whole foods) but this salad looks so good if I ever get to the grocery store I just may try it out.

Hopefully those will keep you busy, but just in case here are three pictures from my corner of the world..not nearly as exciting as those things above, but they’ll do for now!

this heart shaped orange slice chillin in a pot of oatmeal wanted to compete with the negroni to be my valentine// casually laying out fabric on rugs..this is my major?// we had a snow day earlier this month and I made all the doughnuts


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