*Happy New Year(‘s Eve)*

2015 is upon us! And in my humble opinion, thank GOD. 2014 was rough. I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously ready to give ’15 a try. It will lead to graduation, (maybe) a job, a new -or old- home, and a healthy dose of uncertainty. Regardless of whether these things will lead to happiness or tears, I’m excited for it. For something new. It’s about time. So let’s celebrate the end of the year with many drinks!

Having a party? These large-batch cocktails have pleased every group I’ve ever served!

A bit of wine is always a nice way to ensure the party gets going- while also avoiding any guests wearing a lampshade at 10:30. White Lightning Sangria is light, simple and can be made several hours before you have to play host!

The last time I made this citrusy Gin Punch (and edible glitter ice block!!) I was informed my party co-host and I kept adding more gin as the night went on, telling everyone it was better that way. Which likely explains why NYE 2012 is just a bit foggy..

Planning to day drink? Skip the beer (and the nap) by breaking out the Cranberry Lime Punch! A little Prosecco never hurt a soul.

The following cocktail recipes serve 1, but this can easily be remedied for any kind of festivity

This Vodka Soda cocktail is made exceedingly less boring via the addition of blood orange juice, rose water, and vermouth.

Here’s a secret: even though the majority of the liquor I drink is gin (Ron Swanson would hate me), champagne cocktails are my favorite. Try the Barbotage Spécial. It does not disappoint.

If there was ever a night where you need both liquor and caffeine, this is it. Hence the espresso martini. You’re welcome, earth.

If you’re more of a person who likes to trick yourself into getting drunk in between layers of pineapple juice, rum punch will be just your style.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last but not least, why not keep it classy and simple with a St-Germain cocktail?

Looking for more? Check the archives!
PS- if you don’t drink, many of these recipes would be just as delicious without the hooch!


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