Maybe photo diaries at the end of the month will become a regular thing on Spices and Spatulas?

Perfectly speckled bananas, ready to be smothered in almond butter// This isn’t my cat, but he thinks he is// This is my cat; he thinks he’s a photo prop// The best doughnuts on the east coast brought to you by the Montclair Bread Company (and guest poster extraordinaire, Emily, who works there now!)// Sadly, Cronuts were sold out at Dominique Ansel Bakery – I didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn// But the Magic Soufflé (aka chocolate cake inside a brioche bun) was out of this world and just as worth it// This bunny has been hanging out in my backyard all summer. I’ve named him Percy// Fruit is way better when it’s bilingual// vegan brunch is the way to go, just look how beautiful this baked oatmeal is// the beach might be prettier in the rain


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