happy pi(e) day!

You guys! Pi day has finally arrived! It’s March 14, aka 3.14, aka the same numbers as the first few digits of Pi (π). For those of you who are perhaps not super into math like I am (#jklol) Pi is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and approximately equal to 3.14159. (Now there’s no need to look it up on Wikipedia, that’s certainly not where I got this succinct definition..) So naturally, we in the baking world like to equate this mathematical phenomenon to that rad dessert most people are always too lazy to make from scratch. Aaaanyway, what better way to celebrate than to share some awesome pie recipes?! If I were a good blogger, I’d have remembered that Pi Day was coming up and prepped a special recipe post just for today, but alas, college is a thing and I love making excuses. Really, I’ll do anything to make excuses and subsequently complain about them for extended periods of time. It’s why I have so many friends and suitors. However, next year, I fully intend to have an major party for Pi Day starting at 9:26pm, as it will be 3.14.15 (’cause π = 3.1415926 get it???) You’re all invited! I mean it, I actually am going to have an apartment (*and kitchen*) for my last year of college- no more radiator quesadillas for this girl!

Okay, let’s have some pie.

Combat the explaination’s history lesson with a big slice of Lemon Chess Pie

Going with the theme of pies that can also be retro paint colors dig into this (Kinda Key) Lime Pie

Dye your teeth a lovely shade of indigo with a piece of Blueberry Crumb Pie

Don’t knock frozen fruit till you’ve tried it in Latticed Peach Raspberry Pie 

That’s all I’ve posted so far in terms of pie.. Sorry guys, this is is embarrassing. Know what goes great with pie? Cocktails. You’re welcome. Happy holiday!


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