Main Dishes

ninety two

Grilled Cheese(s)

It’s easily one of the best sandwiches. It’s melty. It’s buttery. It’s grilled cheese. I had an intense craving for it one night, but I couldn’t decide what exact kind of sandwich I was in the mood for. Definitely not the standard American on Wonder Bread -although I will admit, even as a person with Severe Good Food Addiction (SGFA, it’s a technical term..?) I do fall prey to enjoying that kind of meal every now and then- because I was in the mood to create. I took out all the different cheeses in my fridge and paired them with what I think tastes awesome! Cutting the sandwiches into strips and then serving the different combos all mixed up on one big baking tray is my favorite way to serve these. I ruined my combination streak by dipping all three sandwiches into this amazing caramelized onion mustard, because it was just too yummy, but when you make them, try spreading other things on your grilled cheese: raspberry or apricot jam, artichoke dip, maple syrup (yes. just try it), and honey mustard are some rad options, just to name a few…

No 1

– 2 slices Sour Dough bread

– Smoked Gouda

– caramelized onions

No 2

– 2 slices Sour Dough bread

– Monterey Jack

– Sliced smoked turkey

No 3

– 2 slices Sour Dough bread

– Sharp Cheddar

– Granny Smith apples, sliced thin

Butter both outsides of the bread slices. Add as much (or as little) as you’d like of the aforementioned ingredients and cook your sandwich in a pan on medium heat until both sides of the bread are brown and the cheese is melted. If your bread is browning quickly but the cheese isn’t melting, reduce the heat to medium low and placing a pot lid over the top of the sandwich. Weird, but it works. I also very much recommend you make one monster sandwich with all of the cheeses and other ingredients, you will NOT be disappointed.


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