eighty two

DIY Corkboard Jewelry (+more) Display

As I’m sure many of you know, a huge struggle with dorm living is storage, so this year I’ve tackled that problem by really embracing vertical space while also working on disguising my dorm’s boring layout. I started with one of the room’s biggest eyesores: the giant rolling wooden closet doors. They’re attached pretty simply, so I removed one from its track and sneakily hid it behind one of my colorful wall tapestries, but I knew I needed to keep the other one on (because really, what’s more stressful than staring at an exposed messy cluttered closet?!) I figured I’d take a whack at two challenges with one project: cover ugly closet door with corkboard accessories display! So easy and so pretty! I was actually really surprised with how much character it adds to my room. It also encourages me to stay organized- If something’s missing from its place on the board (and therefore likely tossed on my desk/bed/floor) there’s a weird void on the board that bothers me so much I have to fix it immediately. It’s the same pressure of someone telling you to clean your room without all the yelling!


– Piece of corkboard (I got this one at Target at the end of the summer and it’s great, but boy do I wish I knew this one existed at the time!)

– Things in dire need of organization (necklaces, headbands, flower crowns, barrettes, sunglasses, collars, hats, etc.)

– Thumbtacks

– Heavy-duty hanging strips (these work great!)

Creation/installation is so simple: hang the board wherever floats your boat, add thumbtacks, then hang items! Boom! If you want to get really crazy, it might be fun to add vintage postcards, dried flowers, or other fancy details to the board as well! The best thing about this is how easy it is to change if you start adding new pieces to your accessories routine.

Spotted: DIY Flower crowns and Glittery Sunglasses (y’know, if you’re into this project but don’t already have enough stuff to display..)


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