As I continue my journey as the last person use the internet for things besides Netflix, I’ve arrived at the whole Pinterest debate. I’ve tried it before and failed. Sometimes I don’t have to patience for figuring out how yet another website works. But this morning, as I was debating starting a paper about the concept of gender fluidity in As You Like It (#smithcollege) I thought to myself: “there’s no way Pinterest will be as rough as this!” AND IT WASN’T! So there you have it, creating/updating Pinterest profiles: easier than writing a seven page paper at 9 in the morning. I even figured out how to add the Pinterest button (widget? link?) to the tool bar at the top of the page and everything; it’s under the Bloglovin’ one! Also, there definitely is already a direct Pinterest link at the end of every post I make -thanks WordPress!- so you don’t actually have to visit my profile to pin things, apparently.

So this my Pinterest profile. As of right now, I think I’ll just be sharing images from this blog, but maybe someday I’ll branch out and actually use it for inspiration! Right now that seems a little daunting. Feel free to pin any of my images to your own boards, but please credit Spices and Spatulas if you do!




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