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The St-Germain Cocktail

Who loves St-Germain? I tried it for the first time at the beginning of the summer and I could not be happier. If you don’t know, St-Germain is sweet liqueur made from elderberries. And it’s French. If I really had to describe the flavor I would have to say it tastes like fairy dust and orangepeachpeargrapefruitapricot. And for that level of specificity, you’re welcome. Needless to say, you should probably give it a try sometime. My favorite way to drink St-Germain is super simple: 1 oz. of the liqueur with club soda and wedge of lemon. Simple and so refreshing. But if you’re interested in a more fancy cocktail, this recipe is the way to do it. The St-Germain cocktail involves champagne or sparkling wine, club soda, and a wedge of lemon. Doesn’t sound that different from what I just explained a sentence earlier, does it? Well, things are not always as they appear. You’d never know it, but there’s something about adding sparkling wine to a cocktail that instantly makes you feel like you’re wearing dark lipstick and casually thinking about existentialism. So you should probably get on this.

Cocktail (makes one)

– 2 parts Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine (I used Prosecco because I’m exceedingly fancy and not at all a poor student)

– 1 1/2 parts St-Germain

– 2-3 parts Club Soda

– lemon wedge

Combine liquid ingredients in an ice-filled glass (I used my new fancy Dizzy Cocktail Glasses, because the name thoroughly excited me). Garnish with lemon. Put on party dress and be cooler than all your friends. Sip often.

vsco_2photo(had to get a little bottle as well, because it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen)vsco_1vsco_0 


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