who’s heard of Food52?

I don’t know if anyone’s heard of Food52 yet, but I’ve finally found where I’d like to make my home (yes, even though it’s a website, I’d very much like to live there). It was created by Amanda Hesser, the food editor at the New York Times (!!!) and Merrill Stubbs, a chef who’s written for so many impressive food-oriented publications (plus let’s talk about The Essential New York Times Cookbook! Hesser and Stubbs worked on that together). Not to mention their work on The Essential New York Times Cookbook. (Am I sounding a little too obsessed with them? Oops..)  These ladies have created the most wondrous space: kind of like Facebook for people who eat, sleep, and breathe food. So yeah, I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and since spent truly an embarrassing amount of time searching for inspiration and just generally worshiping the virtual of ground of Ms. Hesser and Stubbs. If you’re just hearing about this, visit the site immediately. You can make your own profile to save articles and post your own recipes! You can enter contests to make those random recipes you created -because all you had in the fridge was oranges, lettuce, and dry buttermilk and were too lazy to go to the store- known by foodies ’round the world! You can check out my Food52 profile here, I’ll be putting up some of my original recipes up (although you’ve probably already seen them if you’re a dedicated follower of Spices and Spatulas, duh…)  Maybe someday I can enter the hallowed halls of their Chelsea headquarters. Until then, I’ll just be admiring from afar!



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