sixty four

Collared Shirt Restyle

Over a year ago I got this shirt as a gift in a pretty coral color. I loved it immediately, I’m such a sucker for peter pan collared shirts and anything pastel, so of course I went ahead and took the tags off and started wearing it. But it was never quite right..I’m 5’2″ on good days, so while this shirt might hit below the belly button of a normal person, I could almost wear it as a tunic. And when I tried to tuck it in, like all those tall models are doing if you clicked on the link, it just got super bunchy and awkward because I am not a tall model. Not so great. And so it began to just live folded up in my drawer, which is always sad for such a pretty shirt. I decided I want to bring it back to life with this simple restyle! While I do fancy myself pretty handy with a sewing machine I assure you, this is a very very simple sewing project. If you really wanted to, you could even sew it by hand, but that would take waaaay too long and you would probably end up teaching yourself how to use the machine just to get it over with.

First, I cut off the sleeves and pinned the edges (1/4 inch seam allowance). Next I cut about 6 inches of the bottom hem, going a little further up on the sides with a curved ruler to make a little scallop, then I pinned that edge (1/2-1/4 inch seam allowance). Then I went over the areas I pinned with an iron so they would lay flat on their own, then sewed up the hems. Bam! So quick! This honestly took me 15 minutes, and now I really do wear the shirt!

(sorry for the poor quality of the images….I wasn’t in an area with great light)


Here’s what the hemmed sleeves and trimmed bottom hem look like.


Here’s the finished bottom hem and scallop detail.

I think my favorite part of this shirt is how versatile it is. It can be dresses up/down incredibly easily and it works just as great under things as it does on it’s own. Below are a few ways I wore it recently.


Necklace/Vintage, Headband/Modcloth, Shorts/Homemade cut-offs, Sunglasses/25 Central, Shoes/Salt Water Sandals


Necklace/Forever 21, Scarf (I wear it as a headband)/Vintage, Dress/Vintage (Urban Exchange), Shoes/Vintage Prada (!!! first pair, I get excited..)


Pinafore/Forever 21, Flower Crown/Homemade, Shoes/JuJu Jellies


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