fifty nine

DIY Glittery Sunglasses Restyle

I love sunglasses. I’m usually guilty of taking advantage of those “2 for $20” or “buy one get one 1/3 price” or “get 3 here for the price of 1 really expensive pair elsewhere”, and so on and so forth deals. So naturally, I wind up with a lot of cheap pieces of plastic eyewear that, once I’ve worn obsessively for three straight weeks, usually end up abandoned in the bottom of my purse. Very sad. And no sunglasses should have to live that way! So I’ve come up with a little project that gives new life to old “sunnies”, which is what they’re apparently known as in the blogosphere. This also makes for a great gift or party favor, whether you’re on a budget or not!


– 1 pair of sunglasses in need of some love (I’m pretty sure I got these cat-eye ones free from a giveaway on the streets of New York because I thought they were kinda cute, and then of course promptly forgot about them for two years)

– glitter (any color you want, but I think gold/silver/white/black tend to be classiest)

– Elmer’s glue

Triple Thick Glaze (You can use another coat of Elmer’s in place of this, but I really recommend the glaze for a professional look)


Using a small paintbrush, cover the portion of the sunglasses you’ll be glittering with glue.vsco_1-1

Spoon or pour glitter over the glasses, making sure all areas with glue have been covered. Shake off excess glitter as best as you can. Look for any spots that need more glitter or glue and repeat the process if necessary.


Here comes my favorite part: once you’ve shaken off as much extra glitter as you can, let the glasses dry for about 5 minutes. Then, using a standard vacuum with no attachments suck up any stubborn pieces of extra glitter. This was SO FUN. (I almost didn’t think this would work and that I was going to ruin the glasses but it WORKS. Watch the video if you think I’m lying!) Also it’s really cute how I don’t smile and generally look very serious and scary in this video..

Apply the glaze with a paintbrush in a well ventilated room or outside! This stuff smells BAD. And it will make your room smell BAD. For DAYS. It’s like nail polish on steroids. I learned the hard way. Apply two or three coats; the more you apply, the more smooth any shiny your glasses will look!vsco_3

Let your new shades dry overnight, then wear them somewhere only super cool people go (or in my case, the grocery store!!)

vsco_3 vsco_4-1vsco_2-1 vsco_1-1   vsco_0-1


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