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Outside Eats: the City Bakery

Okay, question for everyone: who hasn’t been to the City Bakery yet? I bet there are at least a few. Perhaps you haven’t because you were waiting for the official Spices and Spatulas review of the place? As flattered as I am, I think you should get a move on. This place is magic. Located in Union Square this “part bakery, part cafe, coffee bar and cafeteria” is going to have something for everyone. I promise. If you can tear yourself away from the bakery display and venture past the Chocolate Room (yes, you read that correctly) you’ll hit the cafeteria section. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s only called cafeteria because you’re gonna need a tray to get all your goods to the table; there are no soggy chicken nuggets or lumpy fries here. Fresh kale salads, homemade soups, flatbread pizza overflowing with yummy ricotta, incredible mac & cheese (just to name a few) is what you’re looking at for lunch/brunch here. And if that weren’t enough I haven’t even gotten to the baked goods.


vsco_2(check out that cool kid checking himself out in the window. #lol)


In my opinion, one of the most intriguing options behind the glass is the pretzel croissant. It has it’s OWN website, separate from the bakery’s. That’s how good it is. Maybe someday I’ll be as rad as a pretzel croissant and someone will make a website about me. Watch the video and see how they’re made, it’s an awesome experience even for those who don’t enjoy watching the Food Network in their free time (aheh). Just go get one. Even you weirdies who claim you’re “not a dessert person”. It’s the dessert you can eat for breakfast and not feel like you probably should’ve had yogurt. The kinda sweet, kinda salty, very-crunchy-but-somehow-also-soft-and-pillow-like goes perfectly with their hot chocolate, which is basically melted chocolate bars mixed with milk and sin. When you sit down with a cup, I guarantee some of you will be thinking “okay, this is definitely not gonna be enough for me. I LIVE for dessert. I drink hot chocolate for breakfast.” And then you try it. And after three sips you’re ready to have a nap. After half the cup is gone you swear you’ll never order it again. Then you find yourself licking an empty cup, buying a few cartons to go, and repeating this same charade next week. Personally, I can’t drink the whole cup unless I have three hours to spare, so I usually get a sample cup of hot chocolate (1 oz, less than a buck, just deal with it) in a small coffee. Much more doable. Also I’m going to mention one more thing in case you’re only halfway sold on making a trip here: there is a maple bacon scone. Yes. Okay, who wants to look at pictures? There aren’t that many ’cause I was just a little busy eating..

vsco_0-4vsco_3To go version. Currently residing in my fridge.

vsco_1-3 vsco_1-1Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.26.33 AM 


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