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Mini Post: Banana Graham Pudding Parfait

This mini post is going to be a life saver to you someday, I almost guarantee it. You got a last minute invite to a potluck dinner party and were explicitly told to bring dessert. You search in your freezer for an unopened container of ice cream (as if), you look in the cabinets for a bag of cookies that aren’t yet stale (no luck), but you do happen upon three boxes of instant pudding. Now, you probably bought these nine months ago becuase the box was retro looking and they were 79 cents each, and you almost throw them out every time you look on that shelf, but the¬†expiration date says 2016 so you never do. I’m pretty sure this will happen to you if it hasn’t already (if the former, you’ll appreciate a use for those boxes. If the latter, you should probably go out and buy some pudding). This is a dessert that, depending on how instant your pudding mix is, could take all of 15 minutes to put together. AND you probably won’t have to go the store to buy extra ingredients. Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed this about me, I don’t like going to the grocery store if I’m suddenly in the mood to cook. Artists don’t have time to go out and buy paint if inspiration hits!!!! (lol guys that happened forgive me I know I’m not an artist) But #srsly, if I ever get a cookbook deal at least a whole chapter, if not the whole book, will be based around a master list of groceries one should always have on hand so they don’t have to go to the store all the time! IT. WILL. HAPPEN.


Parfaits (makes about 3-4 depending on how big you go)

– 1 box instant pudding (chocolate or vanilla, you pick)

– 1 banana

– 4 graham cracker’s worth of crumbs

– mini chocolate chips and/or chopped nuts

Cook the pudding according to the directions on the box. Let cool completely and then layer into parfait cups along with banana slices, graham crumbs, chocolate chips, and nuts. Continue for as long as you can. Top with crumbs! Boom! Lightning fast dessert!


(Had to share this. However, as adorably retro as this box is, I’m not sure the My*T*Fine was chocolately enough for me. I recommend Jello brand.)




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