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Outside Eats: Sunday Doughnuts at Montclair Bread Company

In addition to DIY’s, I thought I’d add another section to the blog: delicious looking food I find when I’m out and about. There’s honestly so much wonderful food out there, but this summer’s mission really has been all about the doughnuts. My lovely friend Emily and I have been scouring the area for who makes the best ones (check the insta pics from Doughnut Plant by clicking here and here or make your own from my brunch post) and our latest endeavor has been at the Montclair Bread Co., a great little shop that’s been a staple in town for years. They make real bread out of fresh, natural ingredients. I dare you to walk past without walking in. Seriously. I’ll give you five bucks if you can do it. Relatively recently a new group of bakers have taken over the shop and with them came a tradition that makes me grin: Sunday doughnuts. Not unlike the Cronut that’s been attacking the NYC area of late, there’s only a finite amount of doughnuts made every Sunday (ONLY Sunday), but you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to get in line at 4 am to get a taste; you can stroll in at 8 am and get your pick of the litter. It’s worth it. As I was leaving they were bringing out yet another flavor, so you know I’ll be going back next weekend.

These were unlike any doughnuts I’ve had before. Unlike the farmer’s market fresh doughnuts I’m used to, these were light and fluffy and not too sweet. They tasted like you could eat six full ones and go back for more. Or maybe after a trip to the gym. My winner for taste was the Boston Cream one because pastry cream is one of my favorite foods, but I usually find it overwhelming in a doughnut. Not the case here. It was just the right amount of richness paired with the very lightly sweetened dough and mild chocolate ganache. MMmmMMMmMmmMMMm. I recommend you go right this minute, next Sunday at the very latest. I’ll see you there!

vsco_2 photo 1 vsco_3-1 vsco_0-4 photo 2



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