forty four

Flower Crown

So, who’s noticed the floral crown craze among the flower-power dressed 20-somethings at music festivals, trendy brunch spots and hipster bars lately? I have! Some people think they’re over the top, buuuuut I think they’re pretty cute. And instead of spending $35 on one at a store I decided I’d make one! This is inspired by the author of the blog K is for Kani, she makes beautiful crowns herself, mine is created similarly to hers. Enjoy!


– cheap headband

– floral wire or hot glue

– floral tape

– pliers

– wire cutter

– silk flowers

Using the floral tape, mark off how far down you want the flowers to go. Next, cut off a flower, leaving a bit of the stem still connected. If you’re using wire, cut a piece of wire (a few inches long) and using the pliers wrap the wire around the stem and then wrap it around the headband. Repeat this process with every flower. If you’re using hot glue, cut off a flower leaving no step, place a dot of glue on the headband and then stick the flower on and repeat. If there are any pointy bits of wire sticking out, bend them as best you can with the pliers and then wrap some floral tape around it. (No pictures of this step, sorry! I used wire). Whichever method you use, your fingers are gonna get a little wear and tear. I recommend not having freshly manicured fingers (if you’re like me and get a little OCD when your nails chip). And ta da! So pretty!



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