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Restyle/Repair: Clogs

I recently (several months ago) found a pair of adorable and yet rather disheveled pair of clogs. Now, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed how freaking awesome clogs are, not to mention hip and trendy, but they ARE. Having enough money to buy these is all I’ve been dreaming about lately. They seem to go with everything, seriously. They’re functional. They’re not stilettos, but still rad heels. Ifjosidhfaudaoushdoaisdjpisd. Yes. So although the clogs I came across are not the ones I’ve been lusting after, they do look just like these, made by the same company. So while I’m pinching pennies (1795 SEK to be exact…quick, how many pennies is that??) a repaired shoe will have to do.

The leather on the ones I found was a beautiful color, but really worn out and covered with scratches. Usually I’m a fan of the “lived in” look, but it was just a little too much here, which was a shame. But it also meant I got to buy spray paint, which is my favorite. It makes me feel like a rebel. The wooden soles were also covered in scratches, not so cute. Here’s what I did:

vsco_0Using some super cheap sandpaper, I buffed all around the edges and inside of the wooden parts of the shoe until it was smooth. I ended up with a beautiful light color. If I end up not liking it, I may paint them with a darker wood stain.

photo 1vsco_1Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.50.47 PMvsco_1-1 I then covered every inch of the shoe that wasn’t leather with painter’s tape and used weatherproof craft paint in a rad copper color to refresh the tired leather. 

vsco_2-1Once the paint dried I lined the inside of the shoes with insoles. Not only does this take care of the drab looking insides, it also fixes the whole walking-on-wooden-shoes-with-no-support-thing. (Seriously, have you ever spent a few hours with wooden blocks strapped to your feet? This is a similar sensation).

And bam, they were done!

photo 2 photo 3


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