thirty seven

Vegetable Juice Bloody Marys

If you’ve ever met me, odds are I’ve told you about how much I hate tomatoes. I mean, really, they’re squishy and have pulp and seeds and oh my god #srsly I can’t. Just thinking about them right now. Oooof. HOWEVER, I love ketchup. I love tomato sauce. I love tomato soup. I don’t know, man. It’s just weird. Right now you’re probably thinking “But no! Tomatoes are the candy of the earth! The apple of the vegetables-that-are-actually-fruits! There’s nothing better than a freshly sliced tomato on a bagel!” Welllllll I don’t believe you. I’m sorry, I just don’t.

Annnnnnyway, that was an extraordinarily long-winded way of saying that even though I identify as a Tomatohater, this recipe is a drink of tomatoes and it is delicious. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s like a refreshing tomato soup you don’t have to eat with a spoon and that’s always exciting. Or maybe it’s because of the vodka. G’head, you be the judge.

(Also, in case you’re wondering why I specified that these are vegetable juice bloody marys is that I think it’s just the most flavorful choice. By all means, feel free to use plain jane tomato juice or even bloody mary mix! But I can promise it won’t be as delicious as these)

Bloody Marys (makes one drink)

– Ice

– 1 or 2 ounces Vodka

-Low Sodium Vegetable Juice (I think this one is the best)

– 1 Lemon

– about 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

– Green olives (I like the big ones with pimentos. None of those fancy Whole Foods olive bar finds. Those should be saved for devouring in front of the fridge with the door still open when no one is looking)

– Salt and pepper

Place a few ice cubes and about half a lemon’s worth of juice into the bottom of your glass. Add the vodka. Fill the glass most of the way full with vegetable juice. Add the¬†worcestershire sauce, then salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with lemon and lime slices and (if you’re me) about 6 olives. Enjoy!



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