twenty nine

Gin Punch with Glitter Ice Block (New Year’s edition)

Yes, you read that correctly. I am in fact about to blog about something I made on New Year’s Eve, well over two months ago. And ironically my New Year’s resolution was to stop being lazy and cook/blog more instead of watching so much Netflix and eating in the dining hall every night. Ahem…

I’ve also realized that either 1) WordPress changes its entire website layout several times a month (/week/day) so that it’s completely and entirely different every time I (admittedly rarely) go to blog and awkwardly scroll around looking for where to log in for a full five minutes or 2) I log in so infrequently that I honestly forget what the website looks like (and still have to awkwardly scroll around looking for where to log in). So now that you know all this- and I’m sure you were just dying to know- on to the mini recipe!

So did you know that gin punch was the precursor of the Tom Collins? Well, now you do! This recipe is straight outta Gourmet Magazine circa 1967, where it states that this punch is “a party in a bowl” so…I think you better get ready. Gourmet doesn’t mess around. The ice block was something my co-New-Year’s-party-host/head of the Party Planning Committee/life coach created. And it was brilliant. Just wait ’til you see. Final notes on this recipe: Retro? Check. Looks adorable photographed? Check. Moving on.



– Juice of 20+ oranges (Yeah. This didn’t happen. The juice carton is a thing also.)

– Juice of 12+ lemons (See above)

– 2 qts. gin

– 4 jiggers of grenadine (Unless you’re me. In which case it was more like 10…)

– 6 dashes bitters (We actually nixed this. But you don’t have to.)

– 2+ qts. soda water

– Orange and lemon slices

– Ice block/cubes

– Punch bowl

Combine and enjoy; if you’re using the ice block be sure to put it in before the soda water to reduce splashing on party clothes. This is the most delicious thing you’ll ever drink.


Ice Block

– Water

– Metal Bundt Pan or bowl

– Edible gitter (optional) ((But really it’s not.))

Fill a *METAL* Bundt pan (we used a swirly one, because it is beautiful) with water and pour in a few teaspoons of edible glitter. Freeze overnight. Let defrost just long enough so that it un-molds, and if it’s being really difficult run water around the pan. Place it in the punch and go crazy! Here is a list of other awesome things you could add to the ice before freezing it: mint leaves, berries, fruit slices, etc.





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