twenty three

Toaster Ovens are Magic, Apparently
I have recently found the most delicious sounding recipes. Among them: caramelized banana bread pudding, samosas with curried vegetables, grilled salmon with lemon garlic butter, honey lavender custard. These are not foods from the Joy of Cooking, nor are they the Barefoot Contessa’s, nor Julia Child’s, or any other gourmet or popular chef. They are soon to be my takes on fantastic recipes from The Gourmet Toaster Oven, aka my hopes and dreams in the name of keeping up this blog while at school. I had no idea that such culinary treasures could be created in these gadgets! So now the challenge: 1) modifying retro recipes into toaster oven treats (hi I like alliteration)  and 2) finding blocks of time to actually COOK. Can I do it??! I better, ’cause otherwise by the time I’m back in my real kitchen I’ll have lost all* my readers!

* there are 7, possibly 12 of you out there.

Let’s now look at my toaster oven modeling on my very spacious and roomy and not at all lumpy college bed!

So shiny!

It broils!


3 thoughts on “twenty three

  1. olivia vankuiken says:

    hi im livvi, a friend of maddy’s ive met you a few times, and i love your blog! if your looking for any good recipies this is a great site to check out

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